ROCKET Client Installation Instructions


ROCKET has only been tested on Internet Explore version 6.0 to version 7.0. No other browsers have been tested and are not supported.


Set up ROCKET URL and as a trusted site.


Without this setting certain functions in ROCKET will not work like navigation. Google is required for Language translation used in the Job Portal.


1.       To assign a Web site to a specific security zone:

2.       In Internet Explorer 6 and 7, click Internet Options on the Tools menu.

3.       In Internet Explorer 6 and 7, on the Security tab, click the zone to which you want to assign a Web site under Select a Web content zone to specify its security settings, and then click Sites.

4.       Depending the URL type (http or https) check or uncheck the in order to add the ROCKET URL: Require Server Verification for all sites in this zone.

5.       Click Apply then Done.

6.       TEST: Check on the bottom right hand side of IE to ensure that it says: Trusted Site.

Set ROCKET site in Compatibility mode in IE.

1.       In IE 8 and 9 click on the icon to the left of the browser refresh button. This does not apply to previous versions of IE. If you fail to set the browser to compatibility mode the user will be able to login BUT will not be able to navigate. ONLY IE 6, 7 and 8 are supported.


Set ROCKET as the default HOME page. This is necessary so that the user does not have to remember the ROCKET URL.

1.       Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button, and then clicking Internet Explorer.

2.       Navigate to the ROCKET web page you would like to set as the home page. Each customer installation is set up on a different URL. See the Software Implementation team for the appropriate URL. For example: will re-directed you to: This is the page that will be set as the HOME page. Example:



3.       There are other special pages designed for specific uses depending on the purpose of the PC you are loading ROCKET. Replace the word: URL with the specific ROCKET website:

3.1.    Time and Attendance use (Data Collection Kiosk): http://URL/Telligent/Velocity1.asp



3.2.    Job Portal (If you want the Job Portal login page to remain): http://URL/Telligent/JobApplication/Login2.asp



3.3.    Job Portal (If you want the Job Portal login  to return to Velocity1.asp): http://URL/Telligent/JobApplication/Login.asp



4.       Click the arrow to the right of the Home button, and then click Add or Change Home Page.

5.       In the Add or Change Home Page dialog box, do one of the following:  To make the current webpage your only home page, click Use this webpage as your only home page.  To start a home page tab set or to add the current webpage to your set of home page tabs, click Add this webpage to your home page tabs.  To replace your existing home page or home page tab set with the WebPages you currently have open, click Use the current tab set as your home page. This option will only be available if you have more than one tab open in Internet Explorer.

6.       Click YES to save your changes.

7.       TEST: Close Internet Explorer and reopen and ensure that ROCKET Velocity page opens.


Add to Favorites Bar

1.       Go to Favorites Menu and select: Add to Favorites Bar.


Install Spell Checker

1.       The spell checker is used inside ROCKET to conduct spell check. If it is not installed the user will be prompted to install. If the user does not have administrator privileges they will not be able to install the software.

2.       Log in with an administrator account that will allow software installation on the particular personal computer.

3.       Install IE Spell by going to: There is also a copy of this install on each ROCKET server. Follow the IE Spell installation instructions.

4.       TEST: Login into ROCKET go to any Form with a large memo field (e.g. Case Entry) and click on the Spell Icon.


Install Adobe Reader

Adobe reader is used by ROCKET to create reports like Time and Attendance. Install current version of Adobe reader by going to: (link good on May 15, 2011).